MADE IN JAPAN - KendoStar Practical Model Kendo Bogu Set - YUSEI
KendoStar Practical Model Kendo Bogu Set - YUSEI

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The KendoStar Practical Model Kendo Bogu Set - YUSEI is made exclusively for KendoStar.com, and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Made to order in Japan, each customized set of YUSEI Kendo Bogu will be produced to your exact sizes and specifications, ensuring that you get an absolutely perfect fit, with exceptional comfort. High grade Japanese materials are used, including top grade synthetic deerskin for the leather parts - delivering excellent quality, with fantastic value. Genuine 'Seiaizome' process is used to dye the premium grade Orizashi cotton that is used to reinforce the Futon, and Kote-Gashira (fist portion). This makes the Bogu flexible, quick-drying and easy to care for - whilst at the same time, also looking amazing.

The Men is stitched with 6mm stitching at the 'Datotsu-Bui' (striking zone) to provide a thicker, more protective impact zone.
This is considered by many of Japan's leading craftsmen to be the optimal stitch width. Leaving the Futon thick, and cushioned, ensuring that the Men gives optimum protection, 6mm stitching is also the best mid-point between protective cushioning, and durability. This durability is further increased on the Mendare, which are stitched using the Gunome-zashi style of stitching, a technique where an additional row of stitches is placed between the existing 6mm rows, therefore equating to roughly 3mm. With extended use, the rubbing of the shoulders on the underside of the Mendare quickly causes signs of wear in wider-stitched sets, however, the inclusion of Gunome-zashi allows for greater durability and improved rigidity. This rigidity helps to correctly protect the neck and shoulders, as well as provide the correct, beautiful appearance.This is further emphasised by a 15% increase in the amount of padding within the Futon itself, resulting the maximum possible shock absorption.

The Kote are made to fit your hands perfectly, giving you complete control over every movement of the Shinai. An advanced wrist joint allows for supreme flexibility, without compromising durability. The Kote-buton (striking zone) feature the same additional 15% of padding as featured in the Men, to protect you from even the hardest of hitters.

A 50pc type, black synthetic Do is provided as standard, which is extremely strong and also easy to care for. Further, owing to the reduced weight and extra flexibility that it has over a traditional Bamboo Do, it is great for travel, and can be relied upon for long periods of continuous practice. Attached to the Do is a hand-crafted, and hand-stitched Mune - which, in keeping with the whole set, is made to order, and available in an array of designs. If you feel that the standard black option is not for you, we have a plethora of alternative Do options, including top-grade Japanese bamboo models.

Although easily overlooked, the Tare can be the final piece of the puzzle, that takes the experience of wearing a set of Kendo armour to extreme levels of comfort. 6mm stitching is used across the whole length of the Mae-Obi, again, to deliver flexibility against the abdomen, with the same Gunome-zashi that was applied to the Mendare being applied to the Tare panels, making them both more durable, and easy to mold. This plays an important role in ensuring that missed strikes are correctly deflected, and that the Tare correctly protects the wearer.

Approximate* weight -
Men - 1,320g
Kote - 480g
Tare - 800g
Do - 1,375g

Total - 3,975g
*Weights are approximate, and vary depending on size.

In summary, YUSEI takes many of the features of our top selling, signature set KASEI, to present itself as a comfortable, protective and durable Bogu set. Further, as some decorative, and less prominent features are omitted, and more cost effective materials are used, YUSEI allows you to benefit from the key features of our signature model, whilst also offering itself as a more price efficient option.

Key features of YUSEI :

  • Made to order, to your exact size and specifications by Japan's top craftsmen, using the best available materials.
  • 6mm (2.0 Bu) Nagazashi (aka Pitch) stitching - providing perfect balance between comfort, protection and durability.
  • Designed for ALL levels of Kendoka.
  • Mouldable 'Shin' (inner felt) to help shape the Bogu into the optimum shape - providing not only aesthetic benefit, but also boosting protection.
  • Additional padding added to strike zones on the Men and Kote, to ensure protection is maximised where it is needed most.
  • Gunome-zashi (tighter) stitching applied to Mendare and Tare panels, to increase durability where the Futon is susceptible to wear from friction.
  • Cost effective materials are used to provide good durability, at fantastic value.
  • No-Frills design means that you get awesome features, and an understated design for a great price..

All appropriate Himo (strings) and Chichikawa (fastening leathers) are included.

Made to order in Japan, exclusively for KendoStar.com

IMPORTANT - The KendoStar Practical Model Kendo Bogu Set - YUSEI is made to order in Japan, and due to the extremely high demand for this product, currently requires approximately - 8 to 10 weeks for production. In order to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality, no corners can or will be cut in production. If you would like to receive your order before a specific date or event, we would like to kindly ask that you place your order whilst keeping this production time in mind. At KendoStar.com we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as the quality of our service. As each of and every one of our individual clients are important to us, it is also strictly against our policy to prioritize any order over another. Under no circumstances will we prioritize an order based on the order history, reputation or standing of any individual. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
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"Since becoming a Kendogu professional, it has been my dream to encourage the global development of Kendo, by making top quality, easy to acquire, relevant equipment readily available to Kendoka, no matter where they are. It is a simple fact that the demographic of Kendo practitioners in Japan is somewhat different to other countries. With most Japanese practitioners beginning Kendo as small children, and many of them losing interest when they reach adulthood, the vast majority of active Kendoka in Japan are under the age of 21. Further, their main focus, at this stage in their Kendo development is - for the most part- on competition. With this in mind, domestic Budogu companies develop their products to best suit the needs of these young competitors. Armor is becoming lighter, with a strong focus on success in competition, even at the sake of adequate protection, or durability. Moreso than in years past, Kendogu is also becoming considered as a disposable item. Therefore, durability can also be sacrificed in order to produce the lightest armor, at the lowest cost.

With the continual growth of Kendo as an international activity, many Japanese companies have set up divisions and websites to serve customers from abroad. Sadly, they often do not appreciate the differences between the requirements of international and domestic customers, or they simply ignore them, and simply continue to sell the very same products internationally, as they are selling in Japan. I feel that this can be a disservice to overseas Kendoka, who also deserve to have their requirements met.

It cannot be denied that Japanese Kendogu craftsmanship is universally famous, and it is a reputation well deserved. However, the current trend in Japan, of low cost, lightweight, 'disposable' Bogu is - in my opinion - not well suited to the needs of Kendoka overseas. I had an idea. What if I were to design and produce a Kendo Bogu set designed exactly for people like me - people who had started Kendo overseas, and had faced the problems that come with that. What if I were to produce a set of armor specifically people who want a good quality set of armor that they can use for any type of encounter. Shiai, Training, Motodachi, all of these would be possible, and even better it would be made from top quality materials, by expert craftsmen - so it would be built to last. It could be used by beginners and advanced practitioners alike, and it would be all delivered with a premium level of service that is unrivaled in the industry.

I got straight to work, and I decided that I wanted to keep things simple. I didn't feel the need for a confusing range of products designed primarily to increase profits. Instead, I would have a dedicated, small selection of products. Only the products that I deemed to be a sound investment for my customers - no matter their experience level.

I decided to take my experience in the field, and work together with some of Japan's top craftsmen to develop the world's first brand of Kendo Bogu that brings elite Japanese craftsmanship and the specific needs of the international market together into one perfect set of bespoke Kendo armour.

This is my dream. This is KendoStar." - Andy Fisher, Kendogu Professional, KendoStar President.

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