At KendoStar we pride ourselves on delivering the best Kendogu available in the world. Kendo is what we are truly passionate about, and from time to time we receive requests for equipment for other Budo, such as Aikido and Iaido. Rather than offer these products half-heartedly, we would rather direct our beloved customers towards a company who will continually exceed their expectations in both quality and service.
For this reason, we continually recommend Seido Co. Ltd. for all of your needs for Aikido, Iaido and wooden weapons.

"Seido Co., Ltd, and their subsidiaries are - without a shadow of a doubt - the leaders in their field when it comes to providing excellence to the international Aikido and Iaido community. Unlike their competitors, who place profits above quality and service, they team over at Seido Co., Ltd. are committed to providing Budoka of the world with genuine Japanese quality. I first met the founder of Seido - Jordy Delage - during my early years as a Budogu professional. Immediately I was struck by his passion, and commitment to serving his customers, and providing them with only the best Japanese craftsmanship. With a vision that is similar in many ways to my own, Jordy is also a distinguished Budo practitioner, and really knows how to cater to the needs of Budoka around the world.

Further, a true rarity, Seido Co., Ltd. is the only Japanese company exclusively providing products that are 100% Made in Japan.

Jordy and I both have a strong desire to encourage and develop the practice of Budo, around the world, and through our respective positions in the Budogu industry, we hope to ensure each of our customers are treated fairly, and with the respect that they deserver. It's no secret that Japan's Budogu industry presents a vast number of difficulties, especially for customers overseas, but both myself and Jordy are committed to make a real difference.

When shopping for products for Aikido, Iaido or wooden weapons, I really can't stress enough that Seido Co., Ltd is the only logical choice practitioners both in Japan, and around the world."
- Andy Fisher, KendoStar President

Seido Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in the retail of Japanese martial arts equipment to Japan and the rest of the world. Our facilities and staff are all located in Tokyo. Our workforce is composed of seasoned martial arts practitioners and every one of them speaks at least two (often 3 or 4) languages, ensuring an optimum flow of communication with our clients, regardless of discipline or origin.

Created in February 2010, Seido now gathers BudoExport France as official distributor of the Seido brand, and further several well known Japanese brands, SeidoShop.jp (Japanese), SeidoShop.com (English), for Judo equipment KuSakuraShop.fr (French) and KuSakuraShop.com (English).

In January 2016, Seido Co., Ltd has shipped over 15,000 packages all over the five continents with two main objectives in mind: to deliver high quality equipment, along with a perfect service. More than 50% of the orders have been shipped within 24h, and we have responded to 95% of inquiries in less than 24 h, most of them only a few hours after reception. All that with less than 1% errors and 97% of orders shipped on schedule.